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A Guide to Negril 2019/2020

Are you thinking about taking a vacation to the Caribbean in 2019? Are you thinking of warm blue water, sunshine, good food and friendly locals?

Then think Negril Jamaica. The seven mile beach is the most beautiful stretch of golden sands and gorgeous turquoise waters.

Warm, friendly locals will make your stay welcoming and pleasant, with the promise of authentic Caribbean cultures and flavors ranging from the rich and captivating reggae music that drifts across the bars on the beach, down to its deeply traditional jerk chicken grilling on the streets.

Bars and restaurants are in abundance along the strip and as such you, have a good choice on what and where to eat.

Due to Negril’s westward location you can experience the breath-taking sunset in all its glory from the beach shore, or sit back with Red Stripe beer down at Rick’s Cafe and watch the cliff divers. After the sun sets life goes on. Relax and unwind in the knowledge that you are safe, welcomed and comforted.

So if you’re thinking about Negril in 2019-2020, you’ve come to the right place. This handy guide will explore all the things that makes Negril so magical.

Sunset over the ocean

Best Time to Travel to Negril

The best time to visit Jamaica largely depends on your plans for the vacation and your budget. As with any tourist destination, there’s high season and low season.

High Season

This is typically from December to around mid-April, the period when our guests flock from the cold winter season for a better life in the Caribbean (thinking about our friends in New York). Travel and accommodation costs are higher during the peak season to facilitate the influx of tourism. The average temperatures reach 86°F so don’t forget to bring sun protection!

Low Season

The low peak period generally starts from the end of April until November.

It’s not uncommon to have good weather in May and November, providing a window of opportunity for those looking to save on flights outside of the peak season.

The hurricane season officially runs from 1 June to 30 November, with August and September at its peak months. Jamaica typically isn’t as affected by tropical storms as other northern Caribbean islands.

a boat on the waters of Negril beach

Places to Explore in Negril

With an abundance of rich and tasteful culture, there are many places to visit and explore while staying in Negril.

Negril Lighthouse:

Built-in 1894 by the French company Barber and Bernard, Negril Lighthouse is one of the earliest concrete lighthouses in Jamaica. It is located approximately 3.9 miles south – southeast of Sandy Haven Resort.  Standing tall in the parish as the highest structure, it is one of the most famous landmarks in Negril. At the top of the tower is a lantern and a superintendent who is on hand to give you a complete tour of the tower. The Lighthouse was closed for redevelopment at the time of writing (January 2019) so check before you travel!

Barney’s Flower and Hummingbird Garden:

Situated some 3.7 miles southwest of the Sandy Haven Resort, the Barney’s Flower and Hummingbird Garden is a tropical garden. Well and beautifully maintained, it is home to all of the natural beauty that Jamaica has to offer. From the delicate hummingbirds to the lush burst of colorful flowers. A walk in this picturesque setting is beautifully relaxing, and you’ll get to feed the hummingbirds and enjoy the sights of traditional mockingbirds. Just remember to bring your insect repellent!

Mayfield Falls:

Mayfield falls is a gorgeous wonder of nature. Just 48.4km away from Sandy Haven resort, Mayfield falls gives you one of the best experiences in Negril (although getting here is a little bumpy).  First, you start out by making your way up the river then; you will swim through an actual tunnel and finally, get to take a jump into a natural jacuzzi where you relax and let the force of the water work wonders on your body.

It’s worth noting that you must refrain from wearing any sunscreen or insect repellent while in the river.

Blue Hole Mineral Spring:

This spring is not just a great tourist attraction, it has fantastic health and beauty benefits. Located just 6.1 miles away from Sandy Haven resort, this mineral spring is located in a remote area of Jamaica. The opening is cavernous with a complete karst limestone encasing. Tourists either dive 25 feet into its chilly surface waters or simply climb down a ladder.

This limestone mineral is naturally occurring and serves the purpose of filtering the water leaving it clean and clear. Apart from the mineral qualities of the water which are fantastic for the skin, the mud around the pool is also great for the skin. For those who want to experience this but are worried about going too far down, don’t worry, there is a pool over ground which shares the same water and its benefits.

Horseback riding on the beach

Fun Things to do in Negril

Without a shortage of nature, the beach or local attractions, there are plenty of things to do in Negril. Here is a list of our fun favorites.

Reggae Horseback Riding:

Located on Bay Road, Negril. Reggae horseback riding is just 21.7km away from the Sandy Haven Resort. This experience offers you a range of riding options and private tours. Ride along the beach and experience their famous horseback ride n’ swim while you enjoy the sunset in Negril. Photos are included!

They also provide combo tours which include the Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour and YS Falls Tour. As of 2019 they have introduced new tours.

Reggae Horseback Riding are a member of the British Horse Society and the animals are well cared for.

Kool Running’s Water Park:

At a short distance of 3.3km from Sandy Haven resort, this water park is located at Norman Manley Boulevard in Negril. It is the largest water park in Jamaica with a host of certified lifeguards. There are a variety of fun water activities ranging from tubing to water sliding. Aside from the water features there is also go-kart racing and paintball for the older kids. The kool running waterpark facility holds a membership in the World Water Park Association and has high international safety standards.

From the 6th to the 10th of March 2019, the park is offering buy one get one free on tickets!

Negril Hills Golf Club:

Just 11mins and 6.9km away from the Sandy Haven resort, the Negril Hills golf clubs affords its guests the finest gold club privileges. The beautiful scenery and tranquil environment coupled with a team of fully fitted staff and caddies will make your golfing experience perfect. The Negril Hills Club includes a golf school, driving range and putting green so there’s plenty of options if time is limited.

Ricks Café and Diving:

Ricks café is situated at the top of a 35-foot high cliff in the west end of Negril. 13 minutes from Sandy Haven resort at a distance of 7.6km, it is one of the best places to experience the Negril Sunset while sipping on a Red Stripe beer. This famous café is well known for its exciting cliff diving experience. You will enjoy great food and drink at Ricks, and if you’re feeling brave enough you can try the diving experience yourself!

Entrance to bongos restaurant

Places to Eat in Negril

Negril is literally bursting with local vibes. The easy and vibrant culture, the spice and zest cannot be overlooked. Caribbean food is spicy and tantalisingly delicious. Whether you are a guest at our resort or not, you can enjoy the best of Caribbean flavours at our famous Bongos Restaurant.

Bongos Restaurant at Sandy Haven:

Bongos is situated within our Sandy Haven Resort and is open for all to experience. We provide authentic dishes which include a range of vegetarian and gluten free options. Our chefs and staff work around-the-clock to provide the best food in Negril.

Bongos includes weekly events throughout 2019 where appetizers and cocktails are served with live Jazz. Our restaurant also includes a garden terrace and piano bar which provides a relaxing dining experience.

If you are not staying at our resort and would like to book a table, please call us on 1-800-583-8365 or click here.

Rock House Restaurant:

This restaurant is situated on a beautiful cliff along west end road just 6.2km from Sandy Haven resort. The atmosphere here is sweet with a mix of Jamaican and western dishes. The menu includes watermelon spare rib, their specialty pasta and their ever-famous banana foster. At night, the place is lit by lamps providing a fairy tale experience.

Zimbalis Mountain Cooking Studio:

Located 24.3km out of Sandy Haven resort, while it may seem like a bit of a distance to travel just for food the experience is one you don’t want to miss. The restaurant has a tour (yes, a tour!) exploring the luscious mountains of Jamaica. The tour takes you around their farm then you head back for a live cooking demonstration. The menu includes a variety of dishes for those with dietary requirements (from vegan to gluten free options).


Is Negril Safe?

Negril is very safe. We do however, advise taking precautions when travelling during the evenings. We will recommend a taxi service for you. Like other popular destinations, you may have locals attempt to sell you items. If you are not interested, a smile with a simple ‘no thank you’  is all that is needed. You will find the locals to be very warm, relaxed and friendly.

Where Can I Shop in Negril?

Times Square Mall is located on Manley Boulevard, complete with gift and jewelry shops, a cafe and more.

How Far is Kingston from Negril?

Kingston is approximately 220 km from Negril, on the other side of the island (4 hours away).

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