Is Negril Safe in 2019?

The simple answer is yes. In general, Negril is safe during the day time but we recommend taking precautions when travelling during the evening. If you need to travel during the evening, be sure to take a taxi to and from your destination and avoid walking in the streets late at night.

Selling and Bargaining:

It’s common for locals to bargain and attempt to sell you things, a simple smile and a ‘no thank you’ should be sufficient.

You may come across some stubborn, persistent sellers but they are of no harm.

Sometimes, you may be offered souvenirs, drugs, magic, groceries, jewelry etc. We recommend that you stick to the shopping outlets and vendors such as the Negril Vendor Plaza.


It is not uncommon to be offered marijuana during your stay in Negril, and it’s completely up to you to accept it. Some of the activities in Negril provide “420 specials”.

You may be offered other drugs, which we would not recommend taking.

Protection from Bugs and Reptiles:

Jamaica is a tropical climate, which means there will be tropical bugs and reptiles on your journey.

Make sure to pack sunscreen during your vacation in Negril and also make sure to pack a strong dose of bug spray, apply often.

Avoid Tap Water:

Be sure to bring plenty of mineral water with you on your journeys and avoid drinking tap water to avoid potential health risks.

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