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Mayfield Falls in Glenbrook, Westmoreland

Mayfield Falls in Westmoreland is the perfect combination of beauty and excitement. A relaxing hour-long boat trip across the Great River opens a world where dramatic cliffs drop into the river below, and misty waterfalls grace the lush green hills. The viewing area directly above Mayfield Falls cascades into the river below, from which you can fully appreciate its natural beauty.

Tucked amongst the hills and valleys of Westmoreland, Jamaica, Mayfield Falls stands proudly by an enchanting three-tiered cascade. At this picturesque natural landmark, you can follow a short trail around a rocky outcrop that bends around a mountain to present a beautiful view of the falls rushing over polished rock. The full title of the site is Mayfield Falls, Cascade in Mount Tovy, which was named for two rivers close by – Yallahs River and Mayfield River.

mayfield falls in negril

Things to do at Mayfield Falls

Mayfield falls is where you can enjoy an unforgettable day, whether you are by yourself, with friends or family. Just 15 minutes from negril, it has the best snorkelling spot in Jamaica. “bobbing’s point” is acknowledged for its colourful coral and its diversity of fish; seahorses, barracudas, moray eels, butterfly fish are some of the creatures that you will encounter on your journey.


Mayfield Falls offers you the ultimate adventure. Set in one of the most remote areas of the island and has one of the longest zip-line experiences in the world, with two exhilarating lines, one that is 1,300 feet and another that’s 2,000 feet long. Zip-lining in Jamaica is an exhilarating experience that most people will only ever get to do once.

How to get to Mayfield Falls from Negril

We recommend booking a tour guide through one of the many experienced tour operators in Negril. They will be able to pick you up from your hotel and facilitate your tour in a safe way.

Our partner Reggae Horseback & Riding provide a full day experience at Mayfield Falls and other popular Negril attractions. Please speak to reception if you are interested in this combo tour.

Address: 3254 Norman Manley Blvd, Negril, Jamaica

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